The titles of books are hyperlinked to that book's Goodreads page (if it has one). The review links point to reviews written by me and hosted on this site (assuming I reviewed that specific book).

Title Author Rating Links
Facebook Steven Levy 4/5 Review
Exhalation Ted Chiang 4/5
How the Internet Happened Brian McCullough 4/5 Review
This is Going to Hurt Adam Kay 5/5 Review
American Kingpin Nick Bilton 2/5 Review
Permanent Record Edward Snowden 5/5 Review
Just My Type Simon Garfield 1/5
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson 4/5 Review
When Breath Becomes Air Paul Kalanithi 4/5
The Stranger Albert Camus 5/5
On Writing Stephen King 5/5
The War of Art Steven Pressfield 2/5
A Guide to the Good Life Michael B. Irvine 5/5
How To Michael Bierut 4/5
Now You See It and Other Essays on Design Michael Bierut 2/5
Story Robert McKee 4/5
Shoe Dog Phil Knight 5/5
Before the Fall Noah Hawley 1/5
Hatching Twitter Nick Bilton 3/5
Bad Blood John Carreyrou 3/5
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson 4/5