About My Future Self


Update: I ended up adding a “normal” About page to this site: /about. I still stand by what I wrote here but I realized that the questions I mention below aren’t actually being asked by anyone but me. Who cares what my About page is like? I’ve set it up how I like it and that’s good enough for me.

Most personal blogs you see online will have an About section that provides some details about the author’s life. I had one of these pages in every instance of my site and I’ve always hated writing them. The questions that come up are debilitating:

And so I’ll whip up something normal but not too boring and maybe throw in some witty phrase or interesting detail. But then I’d hate it. Invariably I’d never go back to it and always be embarrassed when friends find it.

What’s to be done? In general, nothing much. But in my specific case I’ve opted to try talking about what I hope my future self will be. This post doesn’t talk about me historically or in the present but instead proposes who I want to be in the future.

I hope my future self can stick to good habits that my current self struggles with. Things like reading every day, working out, stretching. My future self will be a better man for it in every way. I hope that I can be a better friend to those that need me. My current self can be distant and uses humor too often to avoid real conversations. If my future self can focus on a single or at least small group of subjects, he will be able to do remarkable things. My current self jumps around too often. And possibly most important of all, I hope my future self is more willing to put himself out into the world and pay no attention to the attention of others. The best ideas, the powerful realizations all come from conversations with others and through public conversation with yourself (like this blog).